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popular and straight forward. An easy way to sell your prestige car

Why should anybody use an on-line broker when you can walk into any number of car dealers on the high street? It is difficult to know who has the best deal.

Most manufacturers will offer larger discounts to organisations who commit to purchasing large volumes of vehicles. We have a wider range of car dealers willing to buy prestige cars, which extends well beyond high street dealers. We can often negotiate special rates with sellers that are not available anywhere else.

We can source cars from the whole of the market. This means that can buy or sell cars from specialist dealers & private sellers tailored to your individual needs. High Street dealers will only ever recommend a car from their own range and often within their car dealer network.

Move quickly to sell your prestige car

fast, efficient pro-active searches to sell or buy prestige cars

We are experienced car buying and selling specialists presenting and packaging an identified car on your behalf, in a format that will improve the chances of securing the right deal.

Whatever your circumstances we can help your buy or sell your prestige car

Move quickly to sellyour prestige car

fast, efficient pro-active searches to sell or buy prestige cars

how it works

We offer access to an extensive range of dealers, brokers and individuals looking to sell or buy prestige cars. Flexible car solutions, that are tailored to your requirements.

Once we have all the information needed (and subject to terms and conditions) the full focus of our team is to find a buyer for your car.