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Frequently asked questions

our success is our quality, professionalism and experience

We like to simplify things which is why our processes are easy to follow and straight forward. Even so, we always have a specialist at hand to guide you through the process.

The most commonly asked questions are answered below but if you need any more information just contact us 08456 430 430.

Are prices better when you sell cars online?

Buying cars on-line is simpler than negotiating with several dealers yourself, and in most cases, you will obtain a better price. Remember, you are just using a web car specialist.

At we operate on low overheads and small margins, so our prices are based on volume rather than high margins.

Whether the inspection is being conducted at your premises or at our showroom, you can expect the same level of high standards.

How will I paid for my car?

We will pay you cleared funds into your bank account once we have appraised the car and mutually agreed the price. You can except either bank transfer or a bankers draft, the process is completely hassle free.

Do you sell prestige and sports cars?

YES, we have a wide range of contacts in the UK and Europe.

Is buying cars online haggle free?

The attitude of some sales staff can intimidate, such problems do not exist with, whose very essence is price comparison and customer service.

We are specialists in buying used sports and prestige cars, and due to the volume of vehicles that we purchase, we can offer you the best price for your car, guaranteed!

With a team of highly skilled vehicle inspectors, you can be sure your valuation will be conducted professionally and fast.

Is it safe to give so much personal information?

We will treat all your information as confidential.

Can you provide finance for my new car?

Yes, getting pre-purchase approval before you go shopping is a good idea, as it allows you to bargain the best deal.

We can even make you an offer for your old car before you go shopping for your new one.

My car has finance on it, will you still buy it?

Yes. We can arrange for the final settlement to be forwarded directly to your finance lender and deduct this from the agreed sale price.

If you are happy with our offer, we arrange an appointment. One of our friendly representatives will come to you (or you can come to us if you prefer) and appraise the car. Once we are both happy we usually send an intimidate transfer into your bank account.


Sell us your car or part exchange vehicle

we will appraise your car and give you a fair market price

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We offer the best price for your car based on its condition, the age and the mileage, together with the current industry knowledge we have.

We may be able to give you a better deal if you decide to purchase a car from us using your part exchange as part of the deal. We source hundreds of cars through our extensive dealer network.

Examples of cars bought through


Sell my Aston Martin Sell my Bentley Sell my Ferrari Sell my Lamborghini Sell my Porsche Sell my Range Rover
Sell my Aston Martin Sell my Bentley Sell my Ferrari Sell my Lamborghini Sell my Porsche Sell my Range Rover